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Utopia Productions – Occupy, resist produce

In celebration of International Workers day and May Day, Isola Art Center and RiMaflow present Utopia Productions, an artistic event dedicated to the struggle of occupied and self-managed factories, which we consider like seeds of utopia in contemporary capitalist society, and as examples of indispensable concrete utopias.

The event will premiere the Italian version of the documentary Occupy, Resist, Produce, -Vio.Me. (30’) by Dario Azzellini & Oliver Ressler, translated by Isola Art Center, which follows the story of the factory Vio.Me. in Thessaloniki, Greece.  The factory  had produced glue and industrial insulation but was abandoned by its owner in May 2011 and was occupied by the workers in July that same year.  Since February 2013, it has been producing organic soap and biological cleaning products that are now also available to buy at RiMaflow.  The film will be introduced by Marco Scotini, Artistic Director of FM, the new Center for Contemporary Art in Milan and Director of the Department of Visual Arts – NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, who has been following Oliver Ressler’s work for years.  RiMaflow’s Luca Federici will explain the context of the international collaboration between the self-managed factories.

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