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Agnese Zgraggen – Food experience, opening event catering


Food, with its basic components (bread, in this case), has the power to overcome cultural and socio-economic barriers, uniting people from all over the world.
La Fabbrica del Cioccolato foundation chose Officina del Gusto to organise the opening event’s catering on May 21st. Officina del Gusto is run by the food designer Agnese Z’graggen: born in Locarno and trained in Milan as a graphic designer. Her passion for Japanese painting and art brought her in the kitchen in 2002,  when she created the project “one night jewels”. She worked as performer artist, cooperating with Ticino Canton and Switzerland Tourism, producing food installations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Slovenia. In 2007 she founded the customised catering service Officina del Gusto, where she works as cook, creating private dinners and events, or receptions for artistic events, cooperating in particular with Museo Cantonale di Lugano Ala Est, Villa Saroli, and Locarno Film Festival.
After a careful selection of hand-operated flours and a long rising process, bread becomes a crunchy box full with colourful and soft creams. Vegetables and spring herbs will make the dish a special one. Moreover, since every part of the product will be edible and made of local raw material, there will be no waste or leftover.
Wine will be provided by the local producer Stefano Bollani.
Visitors will also enjoy street food products outside the factory.


Sponsored by: BancaStato