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Lisa Pasteris’ project – fourth meeting

Lisa Pasteris’ project- fourth of a series of meetings at the Cima Norma factory

Lisa Pasteris – december 2016

I need to leave a bit in advance, in order to prepare the classroom with the chairs and the projector and check if the video projection works correctly. I hope to find all the cables needed, otherwise we’ll have to watch the video in “restricted format”, using the computer available in the room.

We are in what we once called Aula Magna, the classroom where, as a child, I presented a theater play with my classmates . Happy memories…but let’s go back to us now, and to the project. Two guys come to arrange the chairs for the movie projection.



The video is very interesting. The first time we watch it in one breath. Some shootings are old, but it’s possible to see people who actually worked in the factory. Some of the former workers are interviewed, and we get from them some new and funny information. The second time, instead, we pause the video in the most important moments, to take notes.

I say goodbye to the kids, Giuseppe and Jasmine.

I wish all of you a great 2017, hoping it will be a year full of energy!

See you the 19th of January 2017, at the Cima Norma factory, for the next meeting!

Lisa Pasteris