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Primary school pupils visit CacaoCollective

In the past weeks, we had the pleasure to host three classes, coming from the primary schools of Massagno and Malvaglia (Canton Ticino), to visit the CacaoCollective exhibition, by Ivo Rovira and Ana Ponce. The exhibition is set up at the ex-chocolate factory Cima Norma, in the town of Torre-Dangio, and it’s open to the public until the end of January 2017.

The kids, accompanied by their teachers, had the opportunity to learn everything about cocoa: the origin, the cultivation, the characteristics and the main issues related to the future of this magical fruit. After having listened to a brief introduction to the exhibition, they actively followed the CacaoCollective documentary, taking a huge quantity of notes. Finally, after a quick visit to the pictures exposed, children had the pleasure to taste different types of chocolate, choosing from a wide range of cocoa origins and percentages.

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