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Lisa Matthys is invited as a resident at la fabbrica del cioccolato to expand the video work PLAY! and to research how she can invite the spectator to generate knowledge about the world through imagination.
PLAY! is a poetic ode to the free play of children. The games they invent when they are on their own, when they feel free and create their own world. A world that often reflects their daily reality.
It shows children playing freely in three different areas: a rural (Iceland), urban (Brussels) and conflict zone (Palestine). The work investigates how children use the space they have and everything that is in it.
PLAY! is situated on the verge of documentary, poetry & research and crossing boundaries and questioning established conceptions.
The work is not only a homage to but also a plea for more free play in our overstructured society.

Lisa Matthys is a Belgian artist based in Brussels. She studied Fine Arts at Sint Lucas Antwerp and was a student in the class of Katharina Sieverding at Universit√§t der K√ľnste Berlin, she studied Film at Sint-Lukas Brussels. Her work is interdisciplinary, she uses photography, video and experimental documentary and it often revolves around the perception of children. She puts a strong emphasis on reality, with a poetic vision.