Curatorial project foreignness

The term foreignness [estericità] involves different ways of feeling foreign, different, not belonging, and consequently detached from a constantly evolving environment.

The activity related to the project, which is set up as an “arts festival”, could become a focal point for social gathering and sharing and concretely interact with the local reality, in order to compare with it, through a bottom-up approach, with the aim of facilitating the participatory process intended as an engine of economic and cultural activities and possibly recreate a context of urban development with which it is possible to identify.

The present, past and future programme and the resulting curatorial choices adopted, in terms of artists invited and artistic creation, will express themselves also in the equilibrium between the local artistic offer and the foreign one, in the certainty that only a process of opening and comparison can highlight and preserve the local cultural heritage. Therefore, as it is possible to understand, the activities that will be part of the programme will deal with the concept of foreignness from different angles, with the aim of recreating, through artistic activity in the broad sense of the term, the process of reappropriation and preservation of local cultural heritage, thus beginning a programmatic recontextualisation of all those factors as an incentive of a common sense of belonging.