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“Place, time, desire” will be a documentary by Claudio Zulian, mostly shot in Blenio Valley, Switzerland. The main topics of the movie will concern the relationship between the local “social imaginary” and more universal issues. The documentary will be presented at the Cima Norma under the form of a video-installation, specifically conceived for the foundation La Fabbrica del Cioccolato.

The project is divided into two phases. The first one consists of a detailed research about Blenio Valley: places, stories, gestures, building, habits, literature, politics and economics. It is about reaching a place and listening, observing, meeting people, reading local books and newspapers. On this purpose, the artist organizes meetings, readings, and research in the local archives. Part of the research will obviously be devoted to understanding the connection between these aspects and national, continental and global dimensions.

The second phase comprises the artwork’s creation, starting from how it was defined in the previous phase. An intervention on the nodal points of the Valley’s imaginary (Europe and the world) will be proposed, in order to open it to the desire and the memory in a new and more free and vigorous way. The artwork itself will also be an example of “singularization” and renewal of the memory and the desire, being the subjective but not free elaboration of the artist’s experience.  

Image: Claudio Zulian