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CacaoCollective focuses on the complexity and peculiarity of cocoa plantations in the world, highlighting the common sustainable exploit of nature: a common element among plantations, beyond differences in the geographical and socio cultural context, and it connects them to the history of the factory, the valley and local people.

CacaoCollective is a documentary about the origin, growing, characteristics and future of cocoa, produced by Ivo Rovira and Ana Ponce for Cacao Barry, a company, which has produced cocoa and chocolate of the finest quality for more 170 years.
The two directors show this fruit through the people that dedicate their lives to it, crossing 11 countries in 4 continents, asking farmers and producers what makes cocoa a special tree, what connects it to their lives, how these plantations will develop in the future. Indeed, they already are threatened by the transformation into intensive cultivation.
Thanks to the contact with the seeds and the fruit, the sounds of the forest, the voices of farmers, a tasting experience offered by Cacao Barry experts, a special atmosphere will live again in Cima Norma. An atmosphere that for several years has followed the industrial processes to transform cocoa into chocolate; the factory will gain, for a while, the identity that shaped the history of Blenio Valley for almost a century.

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Opening time: Wednesday to Sunday, from 12pm to 7pm, or by appointment: requests@chocfact.ch
Please always write to requests@chocfact.ch
Free entrance.



Images: Ivo Rovira and Ana Ponce, CacaoCollective, 2016, Fondazione La Fabbrica del Cioccolato. Courtesy of the artists.