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Juan López (Cantabria, Spain, 1979). Graduated in Fine Arts. UCLM, Cuenca, Spain. His work has been exhibited in galleries, art centres, fairs and national and international museums (La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Nogueras Blanchard Gallery, Barcelona; La Fábrica Gallery, Madrid; MUSAC, León; Laboral Art Center, Gijón; Joan Miró Fundation, Barcelona; Artium, Vitoria; La Panera, Lleida; MARCO Vigo, Galicia; Liste Art Fair, Basel; O.K. Centrum Linz, Austria; National Museum of the Republic, Brasilia; Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan; Art Basel Miami Beach, USA o Den Frie, Copenhague.)
Moreover, his work has deserved many awards and grants (Hegnspl-Award Byens Hegn, Region 0 Video Art Festival New York, Generaciones 2013 Art Award, CAM Grant of Art, ABC Art Award, Altadis Art Award, Marcelino Botín Foundation Grant, Government of Cantabria Art Prize o INJUVE Art Show).
Juan López was born in Cantabria, an autonomous community of Northern Spain on the Bay of Biscay, in 1979; he currently lives and works in Madrid.

“In the context of the investigations I once took up on the way the experience of “inhabiting” defines our perception of space and time, my work addresses architectural elements associated to power structures in order to search for new means to understand social relations. Through the use of metaphor and by means of specific interventions in given spaces, my intention is to break and then restore the three elements my work is comprised of: the city, subjectivity and power.  The idea of “break” is essential in my practice. It allows me to link the objectivity of outer space to individual perception. In many cases, this transition occurs through language, which is systematically subverted and reassembled to produce new meanings. This idea is echoed in the collages, a practice that emphasises the complex and ambiguous bridge between text and image. Within these fractures lies the tension between the private and the public and the reassessment of social space.”

soutenirJuan López, SOUTENIR, 2015, Pvc, variable dimensions, Nomadisme, FRAC Corse. Courtesy of the artist.

Juan López, PUSH THE ENVELOPE, 2013, mural intervention, vinyl and plasterboard, variable dimensions, Louis 21 Gallery. Courtesy of the artist.

_acharJuan López, _ACHAR, 2015, drawing with streetlights, variable dimensions.  Courtesy of the artist.